What is DischargePlus?

The AI-Powered platform for Personalized and Real-time Information of hospital discharges.

The discharge process can be a stressful time for both hospitals and patients. It can be overwhelming to keep track of all the necessary information and ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home. Our AI-powered platform is here to simplify the process and provide personalized support for hospitals and patients.

  • 40% Of patients are anxious and depressed after the surgery.
  • 90% Of patients have questions related to surgery and discharge process.
  • 95% Of the healthcare staff & nurses are burnt out in the healthcare industry.

For Hospitals

Our platform streamlines the discharge process by creating customized discharge plans for each patient based on their specific needs. Our AI technology helps predict potential complications and provides solutions to prevent them, saving time and reducing readmission rates.

Hospitals can provide post-care support to patients by uploading images and videos on our platform. This feature allows patients to stay connected with their healthcare providers, even after they leave the hospital.

Our platform features Flora Chatbot, an AI-powered chatbot that can automate patient queries, saving time and resources. Flora can provide real-time information to patients and answer common questions, freeing up healthcare professionals to focus on other tasks.

Our platform allows hospitals to collect feedback from patients and analyze customer satisfaction. This feature provides valuable insights into patient experience, helping hospitals identify areas for improvement and provide better care.


For Patients

With "Flora" as your digital assistant, get real-time answers to your discharge and post-care questions. Flora offers personalized support, saving you time and hassle.

Stay connected with your medical team after leaving the hospital. Keep them informed about your progress with respect to pain and recovery, for personalized post-care.

Access all necessary discharge details online, with an intuitive search feature to help reduce paperwork and streamline the process.

Patient Case Study

How DischargePlus helped patient to reduce the anxiety

Hospital Case Study

How DischargePlus improved hospitals efficiency and care management


Support Nurse

“John’s Knee Replacement Surgery John recently underwent knee replacement surgery and was discharged from the hospital with a large packet of instructions to follow during his recovery. However, John found it difficult to understand some of the medical jargon and had a lot of questions about his post-care needs. He felt overwhelmed and anxious about his recovery.

With DischargePlus, John was able to access his discharge documents and get real-time answers to his questions through an automated system. He was also able to communicate with his medical team through the platform, providing updates on his progress and getting personalized post-care support. DischargePlus helped John feel more informed and empowered during his recovery, reducing his anxiety and allowing him to focus on his healing.”



“Maria’s Emergency Room Visit Maria had a sudden medical emergency and was rushed to the hospital, where she was admitted for several days of treatment. When it was time for her to be discharged, Maria was given a lengthy packet of instructions for post-care, including medication schedules and dietary restrictions. She found the instructions confusing and difficult to manage, especially with the added stress of her medical emergency.

Using DischargePlus, Maria was able to access her discharge documents and get real-time answers to her questions about her post-care needs. She was also able to communicate with her medical team through the platform, providing updates on her recovery and getting personalized support. DischargePlus helped Maria feel more in control of her recovery, reducing her stress and ensuring that she was able to follow the necessary instructions for a successful recovery.”

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